FIVE webinars on the most common topics that are keeping you stuck.


What's included

How to be HAPPY at work

Learn what happiness IS, how you can MEASURE it and how you can improve each of the FIVE elements of happiness!

Confidence Crisis: How a lack of confidence is stopping your career change - before you even start

It's one of the TOP 3 reasons why you don't change careers: confidence. 

Learn what confidence IS (and what it isn't) and how you can take REAL steps to get over your lack of confidence. 

Let's create IDEAS for your CAREER!

Stuck for ideas? Or do you have too many and are now confused? 

Let's get UN-stuck with a GREAT number of ways to start generating ideas for your career. 

Why PEOPLE are key to your career change

People are important to your career change.  They were instrumental in your career choices up until now. And will be able to help (or hinder) you in your career plans going forward. Learn in what ways you can involve others to help you move forward.

Money, fear and your career happiness

Money. Or financial security. ALWAYS in the TOP 3 of reasons why you stay where you are. 

But money is money. A subject you can tackle, with a spreadsheet, a calculator and a good old dose of common sense. 

But your fear? THAT's what's stopping you to even START thinking of what happiness can look like for you.

Watch this webinar and learn how to tackle the sticky subject of money head on.

What it costs

The most COMMON barriers to YOUR career happiness. Sorted!

Let's get started

Learn how to get UN-stuck in this kickstart for YOUR career change.


  • Why did you create this Career Happiness Bundle?

    Great question! Over the years of me being a Career Change Coach for professional women I've been creating LOTS of 'stuff'. Webinars (obviously). But also blogs, book reviews, guides. I will continue creating. And THIS is where you'll find it! I'm going to start with this bundle. Of FIVE webinars that will help you get UN-stuck. But in 2024 I'll be adding stuff all the time. So stick around and get your hands on ALL the goodies!

  • How long will I have access?

    You will have access to the Career Happiness Bundle for ONE year. If you want to KEEP access, then buy it again next year! I'll be adding to the bundle all the time.

  • Have any other questions?

    Send me an email at inf[email protected] and I'll respond as soon as possible!